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"There is NOTHING like this on the air. You placed 5 decades of music in a one hour show. Very unique"- Carol Murray / Washington, DC

"Hey Tyrone, your show of the ALL MALE Singers was good. Keep up the good work!"- Rick Nugent / Ocala, FL

"Your Show has taken Tampa by storm. I love the trivia, and I love your crossovers. A new fan in Florida!"  -Alana Johnson / Tampa Florida

Here's what they are saying about "Timeless Traxx" across the country :

"Timeless Traxx bring back so many memories, I love the music, and the format of the countdown is awesome"- Robert Johnson / St. Louis, Mo.

"What a concept! Your countdown is good, and I LOVE your Timeless Traxx Crossovers! Keep up the good work!"- Gina Scott / Miami, FL

"Tyrone, you have a GREAT show, and your voice is so soothing! I hope you have continued success"-  Valerie Robinson / Chicago, IL

"LOCAL BOY MAKES GOOD!! We are so proud of you in your hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. Cant wait to see you here!"- Lynn Jenkins / Cincinnati, OH

I found out so much by listening to your show. I love your trivia. Hope you stay on the air"- De Shaun Lovett / Houston, TX

"WOW!!! your voice is SO AWESOME! Your show is the REAL THING! I love the countdown format. Much success to you!"- Dani Burke / Los Angeles, CA