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Award Winning R&B Historian

Tyrone DuBose is Americas Premier Award Winning R&B Historian from TV One's UNSUNG and the Sheryl Underwood Podcast. Like many facets of music, the history of R&B music is one of the most important aspects of not just being a part of the heritage of African-Americans, but the culture of America. And as an R&B ...

Inducted into the 2024 California Music Hall Of Fame

On April 14, 2024, the California Music Hall of Fame in Temecula California, reverberated with excitement and honor as renowned R&B historian Tyrone DuBose was inducted into its prestigious ranks. The ceremony, dedicated to the memory of the legendary actor and musician David Cassidy, celebrated not only DuBose’s ...

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Rhythm and Blues

Rhythm and Blues

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While there are many historians, and good ones, I might add, I made up my mind to become an R&B Historian. One that Solely focused on …
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