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Tyrone DuBose is Americas Premier Award Winning R&B Historian from TV One's UNSUNG and the Sheryl Underwood Podcast. Like many facets of music, the history of R&B music is one of the most important aspects of not just being a part of the heritage of African-Americans, but the culture of America. And as an R&B ...

Best Selling Published Author

Music is universal and so important in our lives. What’s usually fascinating to people is when they remember not only the music but the month and year it was released. It brings us back to a time in their lives, and that is the purpose of this book. My book takes us back into the times from the 1960s during the ...

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Rhythm and Blues

Rhythm and Blues

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While there are many historians, and good ones, I might add, I made up my mind to become an R&B Historian. One that Solely focused on …
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