Wynn Network

Tyrone DuBose Was named the official voice of the WYNN Television Network. "The WYNN Network is excited to announce Mr. Tyrone DuBose as the Official Voice Representer of the WYNN Network, says John Wynn, owner of the network.

We are honored and excited to begin this journey with him. The best is yet to come!" The network of Faith, Family, and Fun reaches millions of people worldwide, With a mission to provide a platform of inspirational, spiritual, health and fitness, and many more other platforms that become an entertainment to viewers. "I would truly like to thank Mr. John Wynn for this opportunity, says Tyrone. I would also like to thank Vincent M Ward for his input as well."  

For Tyrone DuBose, This voice imaging project is his 14th in the past 12 months, including being the voice of several national television commercials, radio and television stations. 

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