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On July 3 Sheryl Underwood Radio kicks off the July 4th holiday with the launch of two new program segments led by broadcast industry veterans Warren Ballentine and Tyrone Dubose.

With the announcement of its 114th Sheryl Underwood Radio affiliate, the show, led by Emmy-award winning entertainer and co-host of THE TALK on CBS television Sheryl Underwood, continues it meteoric rise, surpassing industry metrics. The new programming includes “Tell Me Something We Don’t Know with Warren Ballentine,” and “60 Second Moment In Music History with Tyrone DuBose.”

Launching on July 3 is “60 Second Moment In Music History with Tyrone DuBose.” Dubose is an industry icon who is a widely respected R&B music historian. Dubose, motivational speaker and philanthropist, is a frequent contributor on TVOne’s award winning bio-documentary series UNSUNG.

 Known for his commanding bass-baritone voice, Dubose, a native of Cincinnati, OH, couples his rich knowledge of music history and contemporary national R&B singles charts, with a commanding voice that has branded numerous media properties and provided voice-talent for recognizable Fortune 500 brands.

“I’m thrilled beyond belief to have an opportunity, as America’s R and B historian, to be a part of America’s fastest growing radio program. Sheryl has given me a chance of a lifetime, and I’m grateful. The “60 second moment in music history” will keep you updated and educated with R and B memories.” 

Underwood adds, “Tyrone is a jewel. He is a vessel that has been charged with carrying the history of iconic music and music creators. His heartfelt devotion to music is unmatched. That’s why he is so successful. We are delighted to have him join Sheryl Underwood Radio. With my daily team of Vic Frost, Harry Southerland, Kyle Erby, Jim Kelley, Shana Lawrence and Jay Anthony Brown contributing, we have some very powerful and entertaining content with the addition of Warren Ballentine and Tyrone DuBose!” Sheryl Underwood Radio is second only to Steve Harvey, and reaches over 11 Million listeners per day.

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