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Timeless Traxx© with host Tyrone Dubose

Since the Mid-70's, Tyrone DuBose would listen to American Top 40 With Casey Kasem on the radio in Cincinnati Ohio, and had a knack for remembering the countdown, including information on the artists, how long they were on the Billboard Magazine Charts, as well as how long they held on to the number one position in America. Throughout his entertainment career, Tyrone loved this type of music trivia, and his dream of having his own radio show in the realm of a countdown has finally come true.  

"Timeless Traxx" is a one hour Syndicated Radio Program that counts down singles that peaked in the top 30 of the National R&B Singles Charts over the last 6 decades, including a number one song in America, along with some history about the artists. What makes the show unique is Tyrone tells you the date the enters the chart. The show takes you back to songs that are are some of the biggest in music history, one hit wonders, along with artists, groups and memories of R&B that are long forgotten. The show is heard in over 20 Radio and Internet stations around the United States, and 5 different countries. Timeless Traxx is now considered the fastest growing Old-School Countdown Show in America.

When R&B groups, stations, and fans call him "The Black Casey Kasem", He just smiles. He Said, "Casey Kasem would be so proud of me and how far I've come in the support and advice he gave me to keep Old-School R&B in the memory of the new generation."     

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