National Availability

As America's Premier R&B Historian, Tyrone DuBose provides the following:

  • Show Contributor for National Television and Cable outlets on R&B Music, including autobiographies, and the history of the charts and their place in music;
  • Commentary on the Local, Regional, and National level for Television, Radio, Newsprint, and any media and magazine outlets with past and current information of the autobiography of R&B Artists and Groups, in addition to there chart history;
  • Individual expertise and data for R&B Artists and groups who need commentary on their autobiographies, concerts, or studio projects;
  • Expertise in the Realm of R&B Artists and Groups on National Television and Radio;
  • Hosting of concerts of Old School R&B groups and artists of the past across the country;
  • Documentary information to and for R&B groups and artists.

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