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While growing up in Cincinnati Ohio, while my siblings and I used to play in the cul-de-sac, in the summer breeze we could hear the wind chimes on my Grandmothers porch. It was a time in my life where things were carefree and peaceful, and as a child I had many dreams. My Grandmothers home represented security in knowing that I was in a place of peace. From time to time, when I find myself thinking of those days when my life was simple, I remember the sound of the chimes on the porch, while children played in the background. To remind myself of those times, I have always placed wind chimes outside my home. So I dedicate the name wind chimes to those who surrounded me in my youth, and the hopes of those who somehow believe that they too, can dream of being anything they want to be as well.The road in my life has always been a long winding road with twists and turns, But never have I given up on anything of importance. I was inspired by the movie Rocky, a boxer who had a million to one shot at winning the heavyweight championship of the world, and few who believed he could do it. And although he lost, it was the fact that he never gave up, even though he was knocked senseless to the ground. Seeing this reminded me of the many times I thought I may not make it, but pulled through in the face of adversity. The impression this movie left on me was one I never forgot my entire life, and has been my inspiration when times were tough, or when there seem to be no light at the end of my tunnel. May you have the courage to go for your goals and reach for your dreams. And when all seems lost, have the fortitude of "Rocky", and get right back up, when others believe you should stay down.

Never give up! I promise I won't.

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